Apple iphone possible problems

  • Broken Screen Repair
    When your iPhone breaks, it hurts. We understand. We can get you and your iPhone back up and running in no time. The Core’s screen replacement service is the fastest in Lagos, Nigeria, iphone screen replacement can generally be performed within the hour or while you wait.
  • Water Damage
    Has your iPhone gone for a swim? Bring it in for a professional liquid damage assessment and repair as soon as possible. If your phone is damaged by water, don’t put your phone in rice or any other mythical remedy that supposedly resolves the issue. You should immediately remove the battery pack and get it to us. We will remove moisture from the phones internal circuitry giving your phone the best possible chance of recovering without extensive repairs.
  • Power Issues & Battery Replacement
    Experiencing issues with your phone battery? Is the health of your declining iPhone battery affecting your productivity and fast-paced lifestyle? An iPhone without any juice won’t do you much good at all. Drop in for an on-the-spot replacement. The Core can repair any power issues and provide battery replacements within the hour.
  • Headphone Jack
    Snapped connections and pocket lint can cause your headphone jack to wear out. We can replace these for you quick and easily.
  • Charging Port
    Having problems with your iPhone charging port? We can fix within the hour so you can be up again in no time.
  • Camera Repair
    Having problems with your iPhone camera? We fix front and rear iPhone cameras within the hour so you can be snapping again in no time.
  • Broken Buttons
    Broken or faulty buttons on an iPhone can cause annoying disruptions and impact the overall experience. Leave your device with the most trusted apple repairers in Auckland so that you will be back with a working phone in no time.
  • Speaker Problems
    The Core offer both repair and replacement for device internal speakers, if your phone no longer sounds as crisp and clear, or doesnt’ work at all visit the core, we will quickly diagnose the issue and offer the most cost effective solution to get your device sounding as good as new.
  • Signal Problems
    There are a number of factors that can lead to your iPhone having a complete loss of signal, whether caused by water damage, sim card connection issues or we will quickly diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.
  • Something Else?
    Having issues with anything else on your iPhone? Bring it and we can diagnose the fault for you.