What Is a Mechanical Keyboard and How Does It Work

What Is a Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is a keyboard produced with high quality with typically spring activated key switches. The switches under the keys is the main difference between the mechanical keyboard and ordinary keyboard. Simply to say, switches makes up mechanical keyboards.

In general, there are wire and wireless mechanical keyboard on the market. To be specific, the mechanical keyboard can be divided into 3 types: linear, tactile, and clicky. How to distinguish them?

Well, you can tell the difference based on the keystroke behavior. Linear switches have the simplest operation, which can move straight up and down without any tactile feedback or clicking noise. In addition, the smooth keystroke offers you more rapid actuation, which is a nice feature for gamers.

Tactile switches will provide you with tactile feedback and an obvious bump in the middle of travel. This sort of switch is ideal for typing because you will receive a slight notification of a keypress when pressing words.

Clicky switch works same as the tactile, but it makes a distinct click sound when the key is activated. It is suitable for users who would like to get a distinct keypress indication. You can select one based on your preference or demand.

Main Features of Mechanical Keyboards

What are the main features of mechanical keyboards? A mechanical keyboard may help you type faster and more accurately. Besides, it will last longer than a standard PC pack-in keyboard too.

As for other aspects, they are summarized and illustrated as follows:

  • Mechanical keyboards have a different sense of touch: Whatever switch your mechanical keyboard uses, each keystroke touches more solid than it does on an ordinary keyboard.
  • Mechanical keyboards have a loud sound: Though the actual sound depends on the type of switch that your keyboard utilizes and your typing technique, mechanical keyboards have an obvious louder sound than other kinds of keyboards.
  • Mechanical keyboards are heavy: The mechanical keyboard weighs about 3 pounds or so.
  • Mechanical keyboards are durable: It has been proven to be true that mechanical switches can last longer than rubber-dome switches.
  • Mechanical keyboards offer you a different way to type: Some mechanical keyboard switches offers you an audible click at the point where each button has actuated. In this way, you can stop pressing the button don when you hear the click instead of the time when the button can not go down any further.

How Do Mechanical Keyboards Work

The difference between the mechanical keyboard and traditional keyboard (rubber dome keyboard) also shows on working principle. How do mechanical keyboards work? As it is known to all, there are switches under the keys, which have spring within them.

Therefore, when you press the key, the spring will be pushed down to connect the circuit and register a keystroke. This is why such keyboards are called mechanical. The mechanical keyboard may look the same as a rubber dome keyboard because of the same key caps.

However, the feel of pressing on a spring is different from pressing on a rubber dome. What’s more, many users find that mechanical keyboards are more pleasing to interact with.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, this post talks about the definition, main features, and working principle of mechanical keyboards. What is a mechanical keyboard? You may have answers after reading the post. Based on that, you also obtain some extra information about mechanical keyboard. Here comes the end of the post.

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